The Breast Breakup Ever.

Recently, I found 14 Steps to Surviving a Breakup.  We’ve all been through breakups.  In many ways, I feel I have gone through the stages of grief as I came to my decision to breakup with my breasts.  I have cried.  I have listened to overplayed breakup songs and re-interpreted the lyrics.  I have eaten ice cream and chocolate and stared at the wall.  And now…I’m writing this blog about it to help myself through the healing process and hopefully move on with life.

The thing about breakups is you have to let yourself go through the whole range of emotions.  Here is the part where I say something wise about how the painful things you experience in life are actually a gift, because they teach you gratitude and make you stronger.  So here is a list of what I’m grateful for:

  • All the support I have gotten from my wonderful husband and family
  • The fact that I had the information to make this decision
  • Having health insurance
  • Being able to afford genetic testing
  • The GINA act, which protects people like me from genetic discrimination.

Whatever decisions you face on your journey, know that they make your life more interesting.  Okay but seriously….