Thank you!

Wow – I am humbled by all of the FB comments, emails, and love over the past 48 hours…

I am really amazed by everyone’s kindness – and I feel so lucky to have the chance to reconnect with so many friends and loved ones who reached out.   I thought I’d share a few juicy comments from email/IM/phone conversations which just made my heart burst:

  • “I have a feeling I wasn’t the only FB friend that has made an appt in the last 24 hours <to get their routine mammogram>. Thanks again for sharing, and potentially helping who knows how many others! All the best wished for a speedy recovery, and lots of rest!“– Former colleague
  • I have my PBM (prophylactic bilateral mastectomy) confirmed for 6th August so your post is really timely for me.  I have just read your blog and I love it. It was exactly what I needed to help me stay focused and positive.” – – Fellow Previvor, 27 years old.
  • My step daughter is 17.  We will be doing the genetic testing… and give her the choice.  You have touched us in many ways.. #1, your mother is a survivor.. #2 IF (my daughter) has this gene, she can do something to help herself before it makes decisions for her.” –  Family

  • “News of your exploits is spreading across the worlds.  A little green man told me that you saved a village from a generational curse by slaying a dragon and all it cost you was a breast plate.  And already I heard the village is already making you a new one for you to wear.” — Awesome friend from college.  

I love it!  Thank you so very much for your support.  It feels great to smash breast cancer in the face before breast cancer smashes me – but it feels even better to know that sharing my adventure has been helpful to you!

I….love…all of you….so….much!!