Let’s Make Breast Cancer History

Brave Bosom is open to anyone who wants to tell their story about breast cancer, and to join the fight to end this disease by funding scientific research.  Here are some ways to join my team and participate:

1.  Craft your own unique message.  Breast cancer is a complex disease with many voices.  Send me your story…tell me how your awareness of breast cancer has changed.  As a previvor, my own story is about prevention.  But we also need more stories – because I represent a very small part of a much bigger picture.

2.  Donate.   My chosen charity is the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, because of their focus on research.  You can donate here, or work with me to create your own fundraising campaign for a breast cancer charity of your choosing.

3.  Sign Up for the Health Of Women Study Why?  Because this simple act will help us understand smarter ways to prevent breast cancer.

If you would like to be involved, and/or become a guest blogger on Brave Bosom, please contact me at andrea@bravebosom.com.