Things to do while recovering from surgery

This past week, I had my second round of reconstruction surgery.  I spent 97% of my time shutting out the world so that I could drink diet ginger ale, eat non-diet ice cream and catch up on incredibly important to-do’s such as:

1.  Watching the first season of British Sci-Fi thriller Dr. Who.  I HIGHLY recommend this show if you are looking for something to do while recovering from surgery.

2.  Watch Downton Abbey.  British telly just makes me want to curl up in my flannel undies with a spot of tea and marvel at my own coziness.

3.  Go online and talk to my network of Previvors.  This is fun.  I have found solidarity with so many young women who are struggling through this process, and we share our stories in our private group on Facebook.  We laugh, we cry, we tell each other jokes!  If you are looking for a support group, email me and I can connect you with these amazing women!!  andrea {at}

4.  But then begin to feel guilty about spending my day watching TV and playing on the internet.  I ruminate on this for a few minutes.  And then I say to myself: naaaahWhen else am I going to get the chance to be a complete and utter couch potato, with all of my child bearing years ahead of me?  This is great!  It’s the opportunity of a lifetime!  Then I say to myself: oh hell, this time is really precious and I shouldn’t be wasting it on watching all this TV.  So I start reading and plotting to take over the world.  Read more books on my ever-growing reading list.  And I then I start to….

5.  Work on my plans for the future.  After what I have been through this year, I feel that I should do something productive with my time.   By this point my bosom starts hurting because I just had surgery….which makes me feel that I have been reduced to my body parts.  Not just any body parts…my lady parts.  I need something to numb the pain.  So I turn on another episode of Dr. Who.

And the cycle repeats….I am seriously worried that I’m going to turn into a blob fish.   I think I should have stopped at the end of step 5 with that next episode of Dr. Who.  Clearly it’s the gateway drug.

Blob Fish
This is a blob fish!