Nope, I’m not gonna “make hereditary cancer a holiday centerpiece.”

Today I was tweeting away to the #BRCA and #BCSM hashtags when I noticed something strange.  Oh, what’s this?  @MySupport360 sounds nice!

Oh my!  I thought.  Someone really doesn’t understand how to use hashtags….how cute is that?  

Then I clicked on the link.  It’s Myriad Genetics.  The Myriad Genetics that forced our community into freeing our data on our own.  The same Myriad who fought the ACLU and lost their right to patent the BRCA gene.  The same Myriad who is now suing multiple companies who are trying to offer a more affordable test to patients.

Umm I’m sorry but…..

It’s bad enough that they hoard our data, and overcharge women for the test.  Do they have to add insult to injury by suggesting that our community do hereditary cancer holiday craft projects?!  Here are a few reactions so far….



Don’t get me wrong – I’m all about discussing your family history.  But…does anyone feel like creating a fake Twitter handle to talk about “making hereditary cancer a holiday centerpiece” is creepy and divorced from reality??  Does Myriad really think our community is that stupid?