Health Activist Awards – Please endorse us!

Guess what?!  Three of my fellow BRCActivists and I were nominated for the WEGO Health Activist Awards!!

I am endorsing these other lovely ladies who do so so so much to help women who are at risk for breast & ovarian cancers.  Endorsing them is the least so many can do easily – to help recognize the incredible work they have done this year.   I would love for all of us to win, after such an exciting and turbulent year in the world of BRCA!

We need your help!  Simply go to these links and click ‘endorse.’

Amy Shainman, Pinterest & Twitter Health Activist:
Andrea Downing, Best Blog and “Geek” Health Activist:
Lisa Jey Davis, Hilarious Health Activist or Health Activist Hero:
Teri Smieja, Community Forum Health Activist: