I called Myriad’s customer service to ask for access to my genetic data.

Well, last week was quite the adventure.  I don’t think I’ll have many chances to make a tiny little imprint on history, but when the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision came back and we found out we won I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I felt.  Today after talking about all the excitement with a friend, we had a novel idea: what if I called Myriad’s customer service line and asked for my genetic data?  If Myriad Genetics no longer has a legal patent on my DNA, we thought maybe they’ll just give my genetic data back to me!  It’s worth a try, right?

Warning:  the video below is long and boring.

Unless you like watching me stare into space and listening to Myriad’s ‘on-hold’ music, I suggest you skip to the end.

After calling Myriad, I waited on hold for half an hour, and then ended up leaving a message for the customer service rep.  Oh well….I’ll try back tomorrow.

Call w/ Myriad requesting my data from Andrea D on Vimeo.